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5 ways Sound Healing Benefits your Health

Everything is Energy

Everything that is existing could be expressed as a frequency and vibration. Everything that vibrates is a part of the oneness and is connected within the invisible web in electromagnetic field called life. All atoms “talk” to each other through emanating frequencies measured in hertz (Hz) units.

Our bodies emanate frequencies and send all types of information about us, including our health. These frequencies create specific patterns as our imprint on the web of life.

How does the Sound Healing work?

Through the vibration, sound healing triggers the cells  to start looking for the harmony and balance. Sound as a vibration is received through ears, skin and bones. Sound emanates frequencies that start resonating with the cells needing assistance. Higher frequency exposure might bring incredible healing effects.



Benefits of the Sound Healing Therapy:

Adding Sound Healing Therapy to the healing journey might help you to speed up the recovery and healing process. Here are some powerful benefits of the Healing Sound:

  1. Stress Reduction. Listening daily to calming harmonics, including sounds of the Nature, Calming Voice, Meditation, Bi-neural beats might decrease the stress levels through releasing calming hormones including Serotonin and Endorphins.
  2. Reduction of Pain and Recovery. Binaural beats as well as Meditation and specific frequencies might aim in the recovery process.
  3. Energy Healing. Different sounds, including harmonics, different type of noises, tones, music, activating sounds with odd or even harmonics can trigger emotional releases, unblock stored energies. Might impact energy clearing and healing.
  4. Spiritual Healing. Sounds, music, voice can trigger altered states of consciousness and activate spiritual development.
  5. Awareness and well-being.Sounds can bring up memories and aim in discovery and understanding of the stored patterns of behavior and old programs. Through awareness, releasing of these old programs one can shift into beautiful experience and sensation of the well-being.
Written by Ania Haas MS. LMT. BCC . Ania Haas is a certified vibrational healing and sound healing practitioner and Board Cerified Coach. Owns and operates Mindful Way Studio in Mokena, Illinois.