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The Heart Centered Coaching & Therapy Space

True development happens through expansion of transpersonal connection between Body, Mind and Spirit.

Here at Mindful Way Studio, we acknowledge and work mindfully with alignment to unique values of each individual. Change can only happen when the old paradigm is discovered, understood and shifted. Our studio is designed to provide intuitive and empowering coaching around the topics of personal and business growth, wellness and well-being. Holistic Life Coaching focuses on partnering up with qualified life coach, setting up achievable goals and designing the plan of action. Here, you can choose to actively get involved in designing your life, by removing any obstacles and stepping into a new vision of yourself.

Improve Your Emotional Well-being. Step into the Coherence, find Harmony of the Body & Mind

We provide the Highest Quality

Holistic and Solution Focused Services

Our ultimate goal is to provide only the best body and mind connecting services. All of our services are carved around unique needs of our clients. In our hands, you feel safe and cared for. 



Understanding your objectives is important to us. We listen and work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience that creates Real Results
why choose Mindful Way Studio

We Create Real Results in the Whole Person Centered Way

Our speciality is the depth of the experience. We don’t stop at the Body level, we expand and get into profound states of the Mind, to look for ways to reconnect and understand behavioral states and patterns. We use psychology, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and energy work to help in achieving goals aligned with the Life Purpose. 


Popular Questions

We have answers to common questions people ask

Coaches are trained individuals that are ready to help you achieve your goals. When looking for a great life coach, look for one that specializes of the area you are looking to improve. Also, ask questions about the approach, past experience and qualifications.

 Depending on the coach you choose, most of the time coaching starts with a a conversation about you. Coach needs to know your needs, then the coach provides some kind of assessment to see where you are now. Then the plan of action is created that is aligned with the goals. Finally, the coach supports you in achieving goals by inpiration, motivation and keeping you accountable for your goals. 

Coaching is solution oriented, focused on clear goals and setting time for achievements of the goals. Coach uses variety of tools to help you in building confidence and bring choices and perspectives. Coach is partnering up with you, keeping you connected to your goals and your inner power. 

Psychology is focused on the past, connected to releasing trauma from the past. 

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