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One Question...

How do you want to be Remembered?

As someone who lived life to the fullest, pursued their dreams with passion, and made a positive impact on the world? As someone who inspired others with their courage, creativity, and kindness? As someone who left a lasting legacy of love and light?

Meditation at the Mindful Way Studio
My Purpose

I help women to become Magnetic & Confident through unique transformative Coaching, Women Circles and Retreats.

Ania Haas MS. BCC

Board Certified Life Coach

Personal Growth

Unlock your Potential. Heal your Mind, Body and Spirit. Step into Your Power.
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Feminine Energy

Tap into Your Creative and Sexual Energy to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You.
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Attract Miracles

Embrace the Magic of Life and Watch the Miracles Manifest Before your Eyes.
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Kasia Sz.

Ania, as a coach and facilitator has a lot of inner peace and practical, infused through her life experiences knowledge base.

Kasia Sz.

Conscious Community Magazine Publisher
Aurelia W.

Thanks to you Ania it is easier for me to overcome the difficulties that I have encountered or will encounter.

Aurelia W.

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