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“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”


Soul Clearing is a powerful and intensive method of clearing the Energy Blueprint, which is the energy field that surrounds us and is made up of all the stored elements that create deviation from the pureness of our soul.

As soon as we are born, we become objects of outside elements that attach themselves to our Energy Blueprint, weighing us down and limiting us. These elements can include traumas from our ancestors, wounds and programs from our family and community, personal experiences that trigger negative emotions, karmic relationships, past relationships that were never released, lower energy entities, technologies, spells, and more.

Soul Clearing is a powerful tool because it heals the body, mind, and spirit, and works on each level of our being to release any blockages that prevent wellness and well-being. I call it Energy Untangling, because it helps to untangle and release the negative energy that we carry with us.

Soul Clearing, along with Energy Clearing and Ancestral Healing, work in the present moment, but they also release the past and future, helping to heal past souls and future generations. It’s a transpersonal and multidimensional process that can have a profound impact on our lives, enabling us to connect with our true essence and live our lives to the fullest.

If you’re looking to clear the negative energy from your Energy Blueprint and reconnect with your true self, Soul Clearing may be the perfect solution for you

Benefits of a Soul Clearing Program

This powerful and intensive clearing program will help in:

  • Find Harmony in Life
  • Life in accordance to your life path
  • Happiness
  • Focus
  • Deeper self-understanding
  • Lightness
  • Transformation through Acceptance and Love
  • Improved relationships
  • Higher Levels of Success
  • Faster Manifestation

How do you know that Soul Clearing Program is for you?

The best to know is to observe your daily life, your connection to yourself, to others, to work, your state of happiness and fulfilment. This is a very intense clearing program that brings energetic shifts and transformation when you are:

  • Feeling Stuck
  • Feeling that maybe someone wished you badluck
  • Feeling Blocked
  • Feeling Unhappy, Sad, Fearful, Anxious, Depressed
  • Health Problems
  • Problems with getting Organized
  • Financial Problems
  • Problems in relationships and in sexuality

During a Soul Clearing session with Ania, she will begin by discussing with you the reasons for the session and the difficulties you may be experiencing in your life. Ania will then connect with your Higher Self to be guided to your Energy Blueprint. Using her intuitive abilities, she will work within your energy field to identify and release any blockages or energetic cords that may be hindering your progress. After clearing away any lower vibrational energy, Ania will fill you up with positive, creative, grounding, and light life energy. This process will continue every day for 11 days.

After the 11-day period, you will have an integrative Coaching Session included in the Soul Clearing Program. This session is important because it will teach you how to protect your energy field and clear your own energy. During the coaching sessions, you will learn new positive habits that will help you live mindfully and reinforce the positive changes that have been made during the Soul Clearing process.

What to Expect during the Soul Clearing Session?

Through the Soul Clearing Program and Integrative Coaching Session, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, learn how to protect your energy field, and develop positive habits that will help you to live a more fulfilling life. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, the Soul Clearing Program may be the perfect solution for you.

Transformative Programs

Aids in Creating Shifts In Your Life

11 days Soul Cleansing Program

  • Emotional Release and Healing

  • Enhanced Physical Well-being

  • Mental Clarity and Focus 

  • Spiritual Awakening and Growth

  • Improved Relationships

  • Increased Happiness and Fulfillment

  • Transformation Through Acceptance and Love

  • Higher Levels of Success

  • Faster Manifestation of Goals

  • Development of Positive Habits and Self-Care

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