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How I found Self-worth and Changed my Life

My life was a constant battle against a pervasive feeling of inadequacy. Despite academic and professional achievements, a voice inside me always whispered, “You are not good enough.” This blog is my personal narrative, a journey from the depths of self-doubt to the peaks of self-acceptance. It’s a story of how elevating my self-worth transformed my life, and how it might inspire you to embark on your journey of self-discovery.

The Never-Ending Pursuit of Knowledge and Approval

I believed that knowledge and others’ recognition were the keys to feeling worthy. I tirelessly chased academic and professional milestones, collecting certifications like trophies. But each achievement only fueled my hunger for more, failing to fill the void within. It was a relentless cycle – learn, achieve, seek approval, and yet, the emptiness lingered. This pursuit, I realized, was a misguided quest for self-worth, one that looked outward for validation rather than inward for acceptance.

Journey Inwards: Uncovering the Unconscious Mind

The turning point in my quest for self-worth came when I began to look inward. I discovered that much of our actions stem from the unconscious mind. Deep within my psyche, I found a desire to prove my worth through compassion, knowledge, and care. It was a revelation to understand that my life experiences were being drawn from these unconscious needs.

Although I was theoretically aware of the concepts of the unconscious and conscious mind, true integration of this knowledge was missing. Simply understanding these concepts wasn’t enough; transformation required breaking down and applying this knowledge to my life. This phase was about integration – making the unconscious, conscious, and using this awareness for profound personal change.





Differentiating Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, and Confidence

In this introspective journey, I learned to differentiate between self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence. Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves based on our actions and achievements, while confidence is about our belief in our abilities in specific situations. However, self-worth is more fundamental – it’s the intrinsic value we assign to ourselves irrespective of our achievements or external validation.

Understanding these distinctions helped me see that my self-worth issues were not just about confidence or self-esteem. They were rooted in how I intrinsically valued myself, independent of external accomplishments or recognition.

Observations and Reflections: Identifying Triggers

As I delved deeper, my journey of self-discovery revealed how my lowered self-worth manifested in my closest relationships. I noticed how certain situations, particularly involving others’ financial success or romantic relationships, triggered feelings of inadequacy. These triggers were a misinterpretation of what success and love truly meant.

I began to redefine success, realizing that my true achievements were in the depth and intimacy of my relationships, not in material wealth. Understanding the dynamics of my relationship with my mother was crucial. It became clear that my efforts to prove my worthiness of her love led me to stray from my authentic path. In seeking her approval, I had lost sight of self-love, constantly adapting myself to meet external expectations.

The Healing Journey: Embracing Wholeness and Authenticity

My healing journey truly began when I accepted that each of us is inherently whole and deserving of love just as we are. I learned that no amount of effort can make the wrong person love you. The right people will recognize and cherish your uniqueness without you having to change yourself.

This realization was liberating. I started focusing on what made me unique – my inner gifts and strengths. As I began to align my life with my authentic self, everything started falling into place. I communicated my inner thoughts and feelings, even when it was frightening. In moments where my voice quivered with vulnerability, I found strength and authenticity.

This transformation was not just internal. I noticed how others began to respect and appreciate me for who I truly was. I stopped seeking external validation, and the fear of judgment and rejection faded. I found safety in self-love, attracting people who resonated with my genuine self, not my fears.

Becoming a Master of Observation and Mindfulness

As my journey progressed, I honed the skill of observation – both of myself and others. This mastery of mindfulness transformed the way I interacted with the world. When encountering differing opinions or confrontations, I learned to see them as reflections of the other person’s perspectives and unresolved issues, not as judgments against me.

This understanding brought a profound sense of peace. I could engage with others without the burden of taking things personally. Recognizing that people often project their own traumas and patterns in their interactions was enlightening. This wasn’t my burden to resolve. My role was to observe kindly, without letting it negatively impact my thoughts about them or myself.

Sharing and Coaching: Extending the Gift of Transformation

My transformation was not just a personal victory; it became a beacon of hope for others. Recognizing the value of what I had learned, I began to share my insights. Coaching women to find their self-worth, to rise above external influences, and to align with their inner truth became my mission.

In this role, I guide others to discover their unique paths. The focus is on cultivating the necessary skills to remain unaffected by external validations and instead, elevate their own vibrations. It’s about inviting the outside world to align with their inner state of being.

 A Life Aligned with Authenticity and Self-Love

This journey of elevating my self-worth has been transformative. It’s not just about the cessation of seeking external validation; it’s about discovering a profound internal validation. The realization that self-love provides the ultimate safety has been a game changer. No longer do I fear judgment or rejection; instead, I find strength and solace in my self-acceptance.

Attracting people who resonate with the beauty of my heart, my pure self, has been a rewarding experience. The connections I now form are more genuine and fulfilling. I’ve learned that in moments of disagreement or when I feel challenged, it’s not about me but about the other person’s journey and their unhealed parts.

My story is a testament to the power of self-discovery and self-love. It’s a reminder that everyone has the potential to transform their lives by aligning with their authentic selves. If my journey resonates with you, know that you too have the capacity for this transformation. Embrace your journey, find your voice, and let your true self shine. Remember, the journey to self-worth starts within.

Written by:

Ania Haas, Board Certified Coach, Author, Educator about Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem for women. Interested in private session with me? Contact me: 708-436-4493