Would you agree that one of the most action-oriented words for success is the word “attitude?” A positive, growth-oriented attitude adds tremendously to life. It motivates us to take the next step—to get things done.
Do you know someone with a positive attitude and strong will? Imagine this person entering the room, how do they look to you? What words do they use? What’s their body language? How does the room change when they walk in? Now, imagine a person with a negative attitude and a lack of will entering the room. How does this person look and make you feel? Do you feel attracted or pushed away? How do they affect others in the room? Notice as many differences between those two examples as you can and then ask yourself, “How is my attitude?”

Your attitude reveals itself in the way you treat yourself and live your life. It will appear in everything you do, in everything you touch, and in your relationships. It’s connected to the will, which is a pure reflection of attitude. Individuals with the right attitude believe that life is good and that they can accomplish anything they wish. Their positive mood helps them to overcome obstacles. They focus on the things that go well and don’t give up when things go wrong. This healthy attitude builds their confidence and self-esteem. They trust that the universe supports them along the way. Knowing that attitude and belief go hand in hand, you might have noticed individuals who don’t want to learn or work towards goals. They don’t believe it’s worth it or that they would be appreciated.

Some people believe that they aren’t good enough. They stop trying, give up their hopes and dreams and retract from life. Their negative attitude blocks them from taking the necessary steps, and their will is not strong enough to overcome their limiting beliefs. A negative attitude affects all aspects of life and also directly affects health. Stress affects body organs, lowers the immune system, and decreases longevity.

The good news is that attitude and will can be trained. If your life was hard and painful yesterday that doesn’t mean that it’ll be like that tomorrow. It depends on you. How do you want it to be? You can develop your positive attitude by following simple steps:

Know what you want. Have a clear, achievable, specific goal in mind. Then start thinking, feeling, and acting as if you’ve already achieved it. In your mind, create a bookmark that says “I got it; I feel it!” This type of mental bookmark works like magic. It creates an energy that invites good things into your life. Come back to that feeling as often as you can. Your overall energy will shift from being stuck to being open. With a spark of positive attitude, you can quickly create a fire of strong will followed by positive behavior.

Don’t get discouraged and don’t compare yourself. Be responsible for every action you take. Know that not everything you wish will happen exactly as wished, but it’s still worthy to do. It opens doors for opportunity.

Find yourself a role model—someone you can observe and follow the same path, someone to hold you accountable. Work with a life coach.

Practice positive self-talk. Instead of making yourself feel small and incapable, practice telling yourself how wonderful, lovable, and confident you are. You are brilliant—even when you fail! Failing is a natural part of life. There is no need to feel ashamed of it.

Know that there are things in life that you simply can’t control. Don’t give them too much of your energy. Rather, focus on the things that are in your control. Develop the things that come to you easily, show the world your uniqueness and quirkiness. Choose to laugh. Have a good time. Celebrate your small wins and don’t take things personally. Embrace your emotional states and don’t let them define you, instead use them to become aware… and consciously create a happy and successful life.

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