Investment $210/ 7-weeks    

Starts: Monday Jan. 12- Feb.28 2022

Online class: ZOOM

60-90min gatherings


Removing Emotional Blocks to Improve Communication, Relationships and Manifestation

The Art of Communication
7-week program

with Ania Haas M.S.
ania haas

If you really want to:

Remove blocks holding you back from Communicating with others and achieving your goals

Express Yourself Freely 

Connect with others on deeper level

Build trust, honesty and openness with others

Improve manifestation of your plans and goals

…then this course is for you!
This 7-week Program will help you to…

Gain your Inner-Strenght

Become more assertive

Build better relationships

Understand how to “send powerful messages”

Listen and observe others with understanding

Engage with others on deeper level

Improve your Productivity

Resolve Problems 

Achieve your Goals faster

Program Description

The way you communicate is the key to your Success. Before you say a word, the outside world already draws conclusions about you based on the nonverbal messages you unconsciously share. Your insecurities, old stories and beliefs play a big part in your communication. Poor Communication often is a Symptom of emotional blocks. This workshop will help you to understand the basics about verbal and nonverbal communication, components of communication, release emotions that limit clarity of your communication including fear, guilt, shame, and grief. You will also explore the laws of communication and more. After the workshop you will feel empowered, assertive, able to listen with understanding, communicate clear messages that effectively impact your life. You will also discover  how communication influences the manifestation and take steps to improve it. This 7-week class is filled with surprisses and many interesting moments.

Mindful way studio

Instructor – Ania haas m.s. 

Educator, intuitive holistic life and leadership coach. Expert in body and mind connection. Focuses on helping others grow confidence and improve personal and interpersonal skills. 


Empowering Experience!
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