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Stop being boring!

What makes some people more memorable than others? Do you remember the best friend from kindergarten, the most awesome kid from your neighborhood, best teacher in elementary school, or the most beautiful girl and the most adventurous guy from high school? I bet you do! 

We remember very well all of the people that had a way to  trigger our emotional states, impact us, inspire us, or somehow help us in creating change. 

Our Minds store all memories deep within, inside of the subconscious and many things like music, specific perfume, or other smell, taste, or even  environment can trigger these memories and we drift away remembering how we felt connected to that special person or place.

How to stop being boring and become a memorable person? 

1. Be fully engaged with the person that you are spending time with.

Let the conversation be flowing effortlessly. Focus fully on this person, connect with your body by turning it towards the person you have conversation with. Let your eyes connect and engage, let your hands to be relaxed, not in your pockets. Be responsive to the nonverbal and verbal cues. Be fully present and don’t loose your connection by looking around, as t this breaks the connection and making the other person believe that you are not interested.

2. Stop being boring by seeking answers to interesting topics.

When you engage with another person don’t follow social scripts or guidelines, ask questions that trigger inside of the other person unexpected positive feeling, or emotion. Give him/her permission to think, to open up and tell you about their life, passions, hobbies, interests, opinions. Ak questions how and why instead of yes or no questions. As receiver allow yourself to listen genuinely and reflect back what you hear without any judgements. 

3. Make someone feel important and  accepted.

Everyone likes to feel important (without feeding of the Ego) in a genuine way. Let the other person you converse with feel that you genuinely care about what he/she has to say by engaging in that conversation. This full engagement and acceptance opens up the space for deeper connection and makes you become more memorable.

4. Explore yourself & be spontaneous.

By allowing yourself to get out of your daily routine you become more unpredictable and less boring. You becoming more likable and you create memories that you can share with others. You enable yourself to act more freely and it is attractive and it makes you feel good about yourself.

5. Say YES more often and develop your passions

A person without passion shows that he/she doesn’t care much about herself. Don’t be this person. Find what pulls your attention, what strikes your interest and explore. By putting your mental and physical effort in learning new things, you create new pathways in the brain, you create subtle changes within you and you become more tune into yourself. You tap into your uniqueness, into your gift that makes you special. Share it with the world. 

Now you can totally Stop being boring! 


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Comment down below and let me know one way that you make others feel special?

As always, 

I’m sending you warm hugs


Ania Massatt

Ania Massatt

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