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Self Expression for health

Self expression is a big topic, especially for everyone that knows how difficult is to be in a position of clear communicator. 

We are emotional beings. We store all our feelings, emotions, thoughts, relationships, unsaid and unresolved things inside of our organs, bones, muscles.


Communication with the outside world is crucial in letting others know how we feel on the inside. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Especially for empaths that already are having tendency to withdraw because of the insecurities and fears.  

When we choose to stay quiet, although we feel hurt, angry, frustrated, we are not allowing the energy of that emotion to leave our system. This stuck energy just stays inside and creates a block of energy flow, big blob of gunk.  Each and every time we choose to hold the emotion within, we add to the heaviness inside. This heaviness,  shapes us, each instance attaches to the behavioral pattern and is not allowing us to feelfree. We feel the signs of stress and anxiety. 

Being able to be assertive enough to say “NO”, creating clear boundaries with people that are pushy or hurt us – is connected to self work and it takes time to learn new tools.

Self Expression is an incredible tool that can help our health and happiness. The release of the emotions can become a natural part of our life – with clear choice.

My question is why not?

We can release negative, or positive emotions on our own, by allowing ourselves to step into that emotion and channeling it, almost like having a conversation with it and sensing how it would like to be expressed? Sometimes a word comes in, that wants to be expressed loudly, sometimes it is a whole sentence, or paragraph that needs to be written in the journal. Sometimes the energy needs to be expressed in physical way, through dance, or stillness, through breath,  scream, laugh, tears or through intense self talk. Sometimes it wants to be channeled through painting, drawing. Maybe it wants to listen to some music and then through the music it can be released easier. 

Allowing the emotions to be expressed in a safe container unblocks energy, creates space for new and fresh flow. It creates a sense of freedom and it feels like the heaviness lifts off and lightness comes in. 

Being playful, curious and nonjudgemental about the energies stored – and the way of releasing create a new caring relationship with the Self. 

No matter what you choose, don’t run away from your emotions, stay with them, hear them, bless them and release them. Grow.

Stay warm,

Ania Massatt

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