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Self-Care for Body & Mind

Everyone would want to burst in energy each day, have things done, create success at work and at home, have time to create friendships, do extraculicular things and have time for passions like traveling the world. Phew! Just writing about it is making me feel overwhelmed! How possibly and when to do all of these things?

“Relax, you only have 1 body and 24 hours a day!

You can make the decision to work 15 hours a day to create a financial success, but then you must be able to delegate your other responsibilities to others around you that are willing to support your goals. You would need also to have a clear plan of action on how long you want to do it for. Exhausting yourself is never bringing positive effects, as it slowly drains your body’s ability to deal with stress and at some point (it could be days, months, or even years) you will face your own burn out. 

It is wise to prioritize what is the most important for you at this moment and start from there. Having clear goals is a must if you want to create a success, be healthy and enjoy your life.

The role of self care is undeniably one of the most important in creating life worthy living. 

How to Self-care for Body and Mind?

1. Work more effectively 

By knowing what you want, you can allow yourself to be more focused and organize your work around the goal. Having a schedule helps in creating a flow of work. To work more productively you  can stop multitasking right away, since it is scientifically proven that multitasking is lowering the quality of your work and at the same time making your brain tired. Instead batch the tasks together, for example, response to all emails at once, then walk away and focus on another task. Optimize your work and look for outsourcing (if you can afford that)

2. Rest 

True self-care is about allowing yourself to rest. Your body needs it and your mind does too. Clear your mind with taking breaks after each task is done. Have a sip of warm water with lemon (warm water hydrates the brain faster than cold water), take a walk outside and breathe. Take deep breath down inside of your lungs and diaphragm and very slowly let it out. This type of deep breathing resets the vagus nerve, that is responsible for parasympathetic nervous system (it triggers relaxation mode). Let yourself sleep in clean, well aired bedroom, use lavender essential oil or other relaxing oil to be difused in the room, clear your bedroom from any devices, and sleep at yeast 7-9 hours. 

3. Eat well

Eat foods that actually are great for your body and mind. Your brain needs nutrients in order to work efficiently for years to come and in order to avoid memory loss like Alzheimer or Dementia. Try to shift from the typical western diet (burgers, fries filled with Monounsaturated fat) and replace it with Mediterranean diet, with lots of greens, fish, (if you are vegetarian, or vegan fill your diet with other sources of Omegas). I’m recommending amazing book written by Dr. Lisa Mosconi “Brain Food” how to eat for maximum brain power. 

4. Spend time with people you Love

There is no other time than now and no other place than here. When you put your 100% to fully engage in conversation, being with children, enjoying your partner, husband or friend you manifest through the love, lightness and joy in your life. That’s actually how the law of attraction works. Do more of what you enjoy and more of it will be given. 

5. Exercise

Move your body in various ways. Like to dance? Dance it off! Getting into yoga, pilates, cycling never was easier. My really good friend and publisher of Conscious Community Magazine swears by her meeting up with others and running outside each Saturday in a group. Nowadays, in the era of internet you can find so many exercises online, from belonging to places like: pilatesanytime, myyogaworks, or other free online platforms like YouTube, Pinterest. Exercising creates energy flow, even standing up by the desk and jumping for a minute create a total energy shift. Put some music off and shake your body for few moments to reset your brain and your body. Your heart would thank you for cardio and each time you lift light weight you help your bones to stay strong and create   platelets, red and white blood cells. Plus you create a little moments of happiness. It feels good! 

6. Schedule time to unwind

After all that business of  your life and life of others, pushing yourself, helping people around – have moments to just let go. Meditate, create a manifestation journal, read a good book. Schedule time for a massage, energy cleanse. Take time to join body mind workshop. Release emotional baggage, express your feelings in a safe environment. Look for local process work groups, mindful places, women circle groups. Get into bathtub, use essential oils,  care for your skin. I recommend Heart & Soul Skincare for all natural oil for face and body. 

“Don’t push when you feel not in the flow”

Tune into your body because your body doesn’t lie. Accept that there is a time of flow and action and there is time of rest and waiting. In the time of flow you can get things done faster, better and more effortlessly. Allow yourself to step off the gas pedal and walk away in the moments of anti-flow, in that way, you are saving yourself time and disappointments. Focus on something different instead. 

Comment down below and let me know which point of self-care for body and mind comes the hardest for you? Maybe together we can find a motivation?

With warm hugs,



Ania Massatt

Ania Massatt

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