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past life regression, why does it feel comforting

Past Life Regression, why does it feel comforting?

Past Life Regression is a fascinating therapy, although it triggers fears, it also feels very comforting for the ones that have a curious and open mind. 

Fear is the first reaction to something unknown.

If it comes to therapy like Past Life Regression – it definitely triggers the fear of lifting of the vail of the unknown, fear of perceiving something scary, or something that we might not want to see. 

The first step to overcome the fear is to know the facts about this therapy and know that it can profoundly help and lead to true transformation.

I created this video about Past Life Regression and wanted to share it with you. I speak about benefits and how it feels to have Past Life Regression done.

Another step is to develop trust, knowing that the person that will guide you through the process is experienced and can be fully present for you and your inner journey.

Past Life Regression feels like a natural conversation between friends.

You are so deeply in your experience, it feels very natural to share about it. As your guide I am fully connected to you at all times, allowing you to tap into the deeper understanding of what you experience. I ask you questions that can trigger responses. It’s a journey within. 

You might also want to know how it feels to be guided into it and I wanted to share with you audio recording from one of the sessions. During this session, I ask the client to share the experience and we pass through few important days during the lifetime, a time when something important is happening. Then we go to the last day of her life (and there is detachment from the discomforts, it feels like watching a movie in a movie theater) after the soul is freed from the body, it speaks from the other side of it, looking back at that life it sees clearly the lessons learnt and the purpose of that life. This is one of the most important parts of Past Life Regression. It is here when profound self realization and deep self understanding happens. 

You can listen to it here:

I hope I answered few of your questions in these two videos and probably triggered many new questions for you. If yes, please write down in comments section, so we all can share and exchange knowledge.

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