Don't run away from your Fear, stay with it and let yourself be empowered. You can do anything, don't let your Mind put you in the box. Mind knows only your past, your heart knows what's present. Create.

Today’s world is very busy, paying bills, raising children and trying to keep up with all the expenses might be a struggle. You might ask yourself where is the pure joy, freedom that you once had as a child? This easiness, openness and fun that was present sometimes in your life – got covered with the dust of mundane life. So where is the magic? It’s still here! It just waits for you to stop and step into its light. You have ability to brush off all of the dust and bring back the beauty and abundance in your life. 

What is Abundance?

The basic understanding of Abundance is to have lots of something. It might be lots of joy, money, lovers, blessings, funny situations etc. If the Abundance is not specified it might be also lots of sadness, hard experiences. We are the Creators of our Life and we must specify /in details/ what do we want, so the Universe can serve us and supply us with that what we believe we can get.

YES. What is it that you believe about yourself and how you feel about your self-worth? Would you accept prosperity with ease, or maybe you are not willing to accept the Abundance coming your way, and unconsciously create excuses that keep sabotaging you and your life, over and over again? 

Magic of Prosperity

True prosperity & abundance of your choice comes from our deep connection to the divine, to the universe. It’s sacred and when you take time and connect with this source within, you will be able to drink the sweet nectar.  

How to Open to Abundance?

First you need to sit with yourself and ask yourself what is the reason behind asking for specific abundance, then scan your life, look for patterns that show your relationship with that abundance that you want to invite in (many people want to be in relationship, but they keep pushing unknowingly others away, because their hearts are not open). When you know what are your limiting beliefs, you need to acknowledge them and release them, invite new beliefs and create a new mantra, new story, new neuro-pathways, so you can start living from that new state of awareness. 

Ready to do Create Abundance?

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