Long Distance Healing

” Everything is made out of the same energy, even the things that seem separate. This is why everything in the Universe is really connected as one”

― Mauren Martin

About Long Distance Healing

We are interwoven in the web of life that has no begining nor end. Everything we say, think, do has an imadiate impact on our life, others and the environment we are living. The result of our thinking and emotional patterns show up in our bodies, relationship that we hold with ourselves and others. Nothing in life that we do can be hidden, the past, the future are the part of the present moment. Particles of the same vibration will vibrate on the same level attracting the experiences connected to that exact vibration.

Body, Mind and Soul are all connected as one. There is no separation. Physical pain is connected to unresolved emotional and mental disstress. The more lower vibrational blockages within the system, the more it will show and manifest itself in the physical world. In order to heal the body, there must be understanding and healing on the subtle levels, icluding emotional and energetic bodies.

The emotional blockages not allow the energy to be pumped freely, instead they create holding that can be felt as stuck feeling, anxiety, panic attacks and all type of physical illnesses.

Long Distance Healing is an intuitive therapy that works on all levels: physical and subtle.

Physical body is made out of muscles, bones, joints, organs

Subtle body includes chakras, emotions, thoughts, mental patterns, trumas, family karma, karmic relationships, energetic blueprint.

Since there is no separation, the skilful therapist can connect to the energetic and physical blueprint of the recipient and work directly on the higher level to release any energetic blockages to bring harmony and balance. This process might sometimes be easier without physical presence.

Benefits of Long Distance Healing

  • Answers to life questions
  • Career transition and advancement
  • Connection with the higher self
  • Development in your chosen area
  • Direction, choice and clarity
  • Fears and panic attacks
  • Future Progression and choices
  • Guidance
  • Healing
  • Metaphysical answers
  • Motivation
  • Opening the heart and intuition
  • Phobias
  • Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Development
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Understanding
  • Attachments, Entities and Technologies

Structure of Long Distance Healing

Initial Interview 

The initial conversation is  about you, your life, important details about your past, your experiences in life, about your uniqueness and reasons for healing.

I will ask you questions and I will answer all of your questions.

Actual Session (50-60min)

You will sit, or lie down in the comfortable position. You migh, or might not become aware of the areas that  are worked on. You might experience waves of relaxation, see colors, feel the warm or cold passing through your body. You might feel that you are not alone in your room. These experiences might differ.

While you are relaxing. I’ll start with cleansing energy field and in the meditation connect with your higher self. I’ll ask for permission to work on you and guidance. I’ll use my intuitive abilities to tune into your subtle bodies to feel any energetic blockages. When I sense a block, I’ll infuse it with high vibrational energy and stay untill more information come and the balance is found. Then i’ll move on and scan your body again, until your energy levels are balanced. I often get messages, information and further recommendations for you. Which I write throughout the session. Sometimes I receive messages that are not meaning much for me but are needed to be hearrd and explored by you. After the session is done, I gently disconnect from your field leaving you in the protective bubble of light.

Post Long Distance Summary

After the session is over, we will briefly talk about the experiences and I’ll send you in the email detailed summary of the session with the recommendations if there are any.

Long Distance Healing + Coaching Sessions

Healing comes in the process of understanding the inner state, mental and emotional patterns and programs, forgiving, acceptance and letting go of the past and the future. It might not be the easiest process to face it alone. I’m a Board Certified Coach with experience of bringing that understanding into your life. The process of undrstanding is extremely powerful and brings a lot of sadness, anger and then shifts into lightness and empowerment. You can aquire about coaching essions with Ania.

Book Long Distance Healing Session

Startig with initial conversation/assessmet we will have an opportunity to gain understanding and goals.  In addition, we will be able to answer any of your questions. With your best interests in mind, you will decide together what next steps to take.

At the end of your first session, if you decide to move forward and work with therapist, you will be asked to schedule an appointment.

Call +1 708 436 4493 and speak to Ania Haas to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Our Services


Long Distance Healing Price

50-60 min

  • Initial Interview
  • Clearing Energy Blocks
  • Inviting Higher Self
  • Messages from Higher Self

Long Distance Healing + Coaching

50-60 min + 60min coaching

  • Initial Interview
  • Clearing Energy Blocks
  • Inviting Higher Self
  • Messages from Higher Self

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