I work with Leaders who are truly committed to their success. When the old way of leadership no longer brings effects, there is a need for change/ shift in paradigm. I can help you to expand and grow your leadership style, become aware and pay attention to the endless possibilities unfolding. Leadership Focused Coaching is 1-1 person focused, goal oriented, dynamic coaching. This work is deeply transformative, involves pieces of psychodynamic, transpersonal (Body, Mind, Spirit) and positive psychology, NLP, widened by understanding of Quantum Realm, Mindfulness and Positive Mindset. Together we will analyze, release blockages, limiting beliefs, build solid foundation and step into the flow in all areas of life. 

Emotional Intelligence Assessment – gain more understanding about yourself

  • Unique Feedback will give you information about your strengths, weaknesses and help you to navigate into the ways to find balance 
  • Learn about Mindfulness, Stress Resilience and shift the way you make decisions
  • Learn about Quantum Realm and Leadership Styles, become a Conscious Leader with situational  styles to choose from
ARSENAL Stress Assessment – to find balance and resilience, not let the stress impact your decision making process. 

Ready to Shift Old Paradigm and Upgrade Leadership Style?

If you have any Questions please call Ania 708-436-4493 or send an email:ania@mindfulwaystudio
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