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It’s Monday morning. You open your eyes and realize that you are again in the same reality, in the same home with the same people and the same problems. You’ve had enough. You are dragging yourself out of bed, starting your day and the only thing you want to do is to escape somewhere far away, maybe to an island, the mountains, or somewhere else in nature. Sound familiar?

Before taking steps to get “unstuck,” let me help you to understand that the feeling of “stuck” is connected to you on the inside, not to other people or the problems that you’re tired of.

Since you are feeling stuck, you project your internal state onto other people, events and your work, making the outside responsible for how you feel. It’s not the outside that makes you feel anxious, emotional, or depressed; it’s something on the inside of you that makes you feel this way. Know that the more you put yourself into a passive and unresourceful state, the more you feel stuck and victimized. It goes further. The more you alienate yourself, the less you want to accomplish, and the more you escape into your own world and feel stuck. This is a closed cycle; you can’t escape it by playing the same game. Instead, you must break free from it.

The only way from this passive, frustrating state (water element) is to get into an active state (fire element). You can get there when you light up your inner fire and get in touch with your passions, goals, and life’s purpose. This inner fire can give you the power to jump out of the dense energy of your stuck state. In this fire energy, instead of feeling alone, you will find others who resonate with this higher frequency. This new vibration gives excitement and motivation to act—to finally get things done. I know that when you are in a stuck state, you feel lost, incapable, fearful, and alone. Until you decide to shake it off, you will return to this state over and over again…feeling lost. There is no better time than now to take a cool shower. Let it cleanse you. Let go of all the old stories and limiting beliefs and get in touch with your core—with who you really are. Be honest with yourself and feel what you would like to feel, do, and accomplish. Don’t think about how it will come… surrender fully into the excitement of creating something new. Sometimes, it involves feeling angry with yourself. Let yourself release it. Let the fire element burn it out and create space for the new you.

Imagine yourself acting according to a new vision of yourself. Make this vision of yourself active, bright, and big. Visualize yourself feeling cheerful, happy, fulfilled, and doing the things you like to do. Create a picture of yourself in your mind. Imagine how you look, what kind of words you use and who is around you. The more details you can imagine the better. For the best results, perform this visualization at least twice each day during the two most powerful times of day which are when you open your eyes and while you’re falling asleep. When you visualize yourself, add words to the picture; tell yourself out loud or in your mind that you are independent, resourceful, strong, beautiful, and capable. Remind yourself how much you love yourself. Tell yourself everything you’ve ever needed to hear from someone else. This is a very wonderful and empowering practice.

While you are performing your visualizations daily and taking active steps to accomplish your goals, you will notice how quickly your stuck state disappears. Energy can be transformed by a mental shift, choice, and/or adjustment of vibration. Know that only you can make decisions about your life, and when you do, take charge. You got this!

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