Let’s begin with a short practice. I would like you to think of one situation from your life that makes you feel heavy. This may include someone who is holding you back from achieving your goals, an experience that affects your confidence, or an anxiety that prevents you from getting things done. Think about them right now; you might even want to write them all down. After you are done, take a few deep, cleansing breaths into your body. Feel yourself relaxing. When you are ready, imagine that you are falling asleep. While you are sleeping, something magical happens; all of the things from your list become magically erased. Poof! Gone. You wake up from that wonderful imagined nap, and your life is changed. How exciting! You look at yourself in the mirror in disbelief. From now on, nothing holds you back. What does your life look like without these blocks? Pinpoint the differences. From this new standpoint, what would you allow yourself to do? How would you look? How would you talk? How would you act? Who would you share your experience with?

Some people say it would be just marvelous to wake up each morning with a smile and passionately meet the day. They could cultivate the things and activities they love
and surround themselves with people who understand them fully. Everything that they wish would come easily and effortlessly.

Would you agree that a life filled with joy, passion and love would feel wonderful? So, why do you do the opposite, and sabotage your happiness? By allowing mental blocks and past experiences to define who you are, and what possibilities there are for you, you take power away from yourself. If you look for validation by comparing yourself to people, you undervalue yourself. By the way, do you still believe that you need to work hard and give up all that you have to be considered lovable, appreciated and recognized? If yes, I’m asking you to stop. Instead, I invite you to wake up, shake yourself from this old paradigm—the stories told by others. I’m here to remind you about who you are, your talents, your visions and the power you hold within. You are the creator of your life experience. Knowingly or unknowingly, you repeat the same sequences of your life over and over again. Each time you repeat the same sequence, you are anchoring your belief about your life experience. Know that this chain of information is not created by you consciously. It was created by the way you were raised, the culture you grew up in, and your family of origin. Although the old program is there, you can stop being a passive observer and instead start actively participating in your life. You have the power to change it!

Let me share with you three steps I invented to create change through self-discovery and awareness:

1. Assessment: In this step, you will look honestly at yourself and find out more about yourself.

2. Design: Here, you will ask yourself to answer two questions: What do I want? What is my purpose?

3. Implementation and Results: In this step, you will activate and align your action with your goals, let go of any emotional and energetic blockages, and see the results.

Sounds good? Great. Before we start with the first step, I will give you something to work on. In that way, you will find out more about yourself and about your unique talents. Here is what I ask you to do. Draft a short email and send it to five people who know you very well. Ask them to write five things that they believe are unique about you. What people will write might surprise you, because you don’t know how others perceive you. When you receive the emails, I invite you to sit with each and let the information sink in. Feel how it resonates with you. If you would like to share your experience with me, or if you have any questions, please send me an email at info@aniahaas.com. I’m sending you lots of good energy. See you next month!

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