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“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance”

-Eckhart Tolle

Investment 60 min Energy Clearing (15 min post session) $125

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About Energy Clearing

Everything is made out of energy that vibrates on specific level. This vibration manifests itself in many different ways. Objects the same as alive things vibrate but the vibration has different density. A rock has its own consciousness, static, deep and slower comparing to dust particles moving in the air, which are fast and often unseen. The same with thoughts and emotions which carry different energetic vibration. Dr. David R. Hawkins created a Map of Consciousness, on which he shows different emotions and vibration that they hold. On the very bottom, as the most densed and lowest vibration are emotions of shame, guilt, apathy, grief. If these emotions are very prominent in your life then your life quality is low, you might feel trapped, stuck, unhappy and and focused on survival. Your emotions might circulate around anger, sadness, frustration and you might feel that life treats you unfair. In the middle of the scale, there are emotions that are neutral, they include willingness and acceptance. Through these emotions, the integrity starts building up and you might start feeling harmony, relaxation, inspiration into action, openess. On the top of the scale are the highest vibrational emotions, including Love, Joy, Peace and Enlightenement. These emotions bring bliss, gratitude, unlimited openess into your life. You feel complete, harmonious and are focused on being more than doing. In that level of vibration you feel pure consciousness and universal oneness.

Energy Clearing is connected to clearing lower energy emotions and shifting them into the higher vibrational emotions. The energy clearing is connected to decoding energetic DNA and allowing to repair the energetic strands. Everyone has own Human Energy BluePrint which can be examined and cleared from old energy patterns and programs.


Energy Clearing is connected to discovering the neuro connections in the Human Energy BluePrint (R). It shows all the karmic and ancestral relationships, past traumas, energy holdings and blocks. Slowly, one by one, as the energy is being cleared, more space becomes available. In that new space, the new light energy is being received, weaved into and integrated. This is an exciting time of building mindful and conscious life. The awakened life is connected to using all of the senses, stepping into unlimited potential and the highest vibration.

The Benefits of Energy Clearing

  • Deeper Self-Understanding
  • Healing and Health
  • Happiness and Well-being
  • Abundance and Manifestation
  • Connection and Bliss
  • Opening the heart and Intuition
  • Spiritual development
  • Letting go of old programs, paradigms
  • Finding Purpose
  • Letting go of attachments, entities and technlologies

What to Expect in Energy Clearing Session

Initial Interview 

The initial conversation is  about you, your life, important details about your past, your experiences in life, about your uniqueness and reasons for energy clearing session.

I will ask you questions and I will answer all of your questions.

Actual Session (50-60min)

You will lie down in the comfortable position. You will be asked to close your eyes and relax. You might experience waves of relaxation, see colors, feel the warm or cold passing through your body. You might feel that you are not alone in your room. These experiences might differ from person to person.

If we are working in person, you will feel my hands intuitively touching and holding gently your body. I start at your feet and connect with your energy field. I then will scan your body and measure where I feel any energy blocks. I will connect with your higher self to help me and guide me. I will also work with multi-universal energy and highest vibration to create energy shifts, unblock and heal. Then i’ll move on and scan your body again, until your energy levels are balanced. I often get messages, information and further recommendations for you. Which I share with you. After the session is done, I gently disconnect from your field leaving you in the protective bubble of light.

Post Energy Clearing Summary

After the session is over, we will briefly talk about the experiences and if there are any recommendations, we will have time to talk about them. If we had long distance Energy Clearing session, I’ll send you a summary with any recommendations from the session.

Energy Clearing + Integrative Coaching Sessions

Healing comes in the process of understanding the inner state, mental and emotional patterns and programs, forgiving, acceptance and letting go of the past and the future. It might not be the easiest process to face it alone. I’m a Board Certified Coach with experience of bringing that understanding into your life. You can aquire about coaching sessions with Ania.


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