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Causes of Anxiety

Prolonged stress is one of the biggest causes of Anxiety but it is not the only one, what are other causes of anxiety? 


Stress in a normal part of our life, it helps us in our live by supplying us with the hormones of action. Although positive stress could motivate us and push us into acomplishments, prolonged stress is damaging for our body. The more stress we go through and the longer it stays in our body, the harder it gets to turn it off and the more harm it creates.

What are other stress related causes of anxiety that we are maybe not aware of? 

  • Trauma
  • Chronic illness & chronic pain
  • Mood enhancing drugs
  • Imbalanced hormones
  • Overthinking

I prepared this short video about how the causes of anxiety influence us in less than optimal way. Please click down below to watch it. 

The last point on this list is connected to overthinking. Many of us are so used to the way we think that we think it’s totally normal – and most of the times is. 

It starts to become problematic if we constantly think negative,

when we start seeing and experiencing things, people, situations in negative way, we sentence ourselves for not only mental fatigue but also our bodies take this negative load and suffer. 

I always think that our bodies are so precious, we must care for them in the highest respect and treat them like we would treat an infant. How would you care and protect yourself if you had this baby infant in your house? 

Just for today, I’m asking you to remind yourself, when the negative thought comes in – to acknowledge it, but not invite it deeper into your head, or heart. Try not to be attached to the emotion that this thought could trigger, let it pass through you, smile inside and bring a positive thought instead.

Although the Anxiety is uneasy, it doesn’t have to be this way when we are aware of the causes of anxiety and the way to release the stress. 

Please let me know in the comments below, what is the main stress in your life coming from? Is it work related, home, partnership? 

I’m sending you a warm hug,


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