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3 grounding techniques to ease Anxiety

Stress that builds up inside of us without allowing it to be released creates negative affect on our wellness & wellbeing. Grounding is one of the practices that is quite simple to perform and actually can be practiced everywhere. These 3 grounding techniques help to ease anxiety and help to shift the Mindset from Negative into Positive. 


Here is my newest video:


Grounding techniques:

1) Mindful Breathing

Helps to slow down the Mind and brings awareness to the body. Try slowing down your breath, breathe the air in through your nostrils and slowly let the air out through your mouth, pushing all the air out. Perform it for 1-5 minutes to feel the difference. This technique resets Vagus nerve – which is responsible for shifting from sympathetic into parasympathetic nervous system. 

2)  5-4-3-2-1 Method

This technique involves utilizing all of our senses and shifts the focus from the negative experience and stuffed up mind into clarity. It is quite simple:

Close your eyes and just focus on your breath for a moment. Then open your eyes and:
– First you say loudly 5 things that you see in your environment
-Then you say loudly the 4 things that you feel 
-next you say loudly what 3 things that you hear right now
-then you say loudly 2 things that you smell 
-finally you say loudly 1 thing that you taste


3) Connecting to the Earth short meditation.  

Allow yourself to sit in comfortable position and take few gentle breaths into your body. Focus your attention on your feet and the connection to the Earth. 


I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Please let me know in the section below what other ways do you use for grounding? Do you do any specific thing? 

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