Date: Sunday March 31st

Time: 6pm-7.30pm

Where: YogaFace Studio in New Lenox

Investment: $25

Ania Massatt
Honoring the Universal energy, Magnifying personal power, Working with Intention

Spring is a time of awakening after a long and cold Winter. It is a time of waking up from the hibernation and stepping into a new and fresh life. Let’s get together and collectively prepare for this new season by cleansing and releasing old baggage that is preventing us from growing and thriving. We will create a new and healthy space for experiences, new relationships and abundance.

During this gathering Ania will guide the meditation to cleanse any energy blockages, work with the high vibration of love and forgiveness into finding clarity. The subtle energy of Reiki and its frequencies will work on each level of our being, cleanse our bodies, minds and help us to find deeper connection with the higher Self.
We will work with strong intention, sharpen our awareness in mindful and compassionate way.

Letting go of the past and opening up for what is new is apart of the powerful cycle of life/death/rebirth. It helps us to become closer to our natural state and get into the flow of energy without restrictions.

Everyone is invited to join this healing space, open the heart and elevate the vibration.

Space is limited, please register promptly. 

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