Investment $45 a month for 12-months

Starts: Sunday Jan. 14, 2022

11225 Front St. Mokena

3 hours gatherings

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12- month journey and transformation for women

Cultivate Feminine Essence

with Ania Haas M.S.
ania haas

This 12- month Program will help you to…

Step out of Ordinary

Listen to the whispers of your Body and Mind

Learn how to honor your Needs

Draw the Experiences rather than push and demand

Create Clarity in your life

Work with Divine Feminine Energy

Surrender into the presence and go within

Play with Creativity 

Program Description

This program is created fo all women who are looking to learn more about sacred feminity and bulding fulfilling relationships. If you are ready to change things in your life, release mental and emotional blocks peventing you from happiness and well-being, this program is for you. During the enlightening gatherings you will step our of the ordinary through powerful inner-self exploration and practices that will help you to discover your own uniqueness.

Main topics:

  • Understanding and Activation of Feminine Energy
  • Reeasing Old Wounds
  • Recognizing mental and Behavioral Patterns
  • Finding Balance in all aspects of your Life
  • Understanding Karma, clearing Karmic Relationships
  • Learning how to honor your Needs
  • Body and Mind Integration
  • Self-Care and Well-being
  • Inner Power and Mindset
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Intimate Connection with Self

Instructor – Ania haas M.S. LMT.BCC.FOAT

Mindful way studioEducator, Author. Holistic Board Certified Coach with psychology degree and Body & Mind connection expertise (+15). Ania uses different modalities to help individuals to overcome mental states preventing from healing. She helps to build awareness and skills that awaken and empower to live a full life. Ania uses transpersonal approach with the whole-person integration including Body, Mind & Spirit. Ania is an eager meditator and energy healer.





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