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Ania Haas

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”


Investment in a Soul Clearing Program $555


  • 11 days of Long Distance Energy Clearing, Cutting Energy Cords
  • 2 Integrative Coaching Sessions

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What is a Soul Clearing?

It is an intensive and powerful method to clear the Energy Blueprint from all stored elements that create diviation from the pureness of the Soul. Before we incarnate in the body, we are in the limitless and pure form, as soon as we are born, we are becoming objects of the outside elements that are attaching to our energy field, weighting us down and keep us feeling limited, unable, or stuck.

What are the elements that attach to our energy field (our Energy Blueprint)? They are all the traumas received from our ancestors, wounds, programs brought to us by our family, community, all our personal experiences, memories that trigger sadness, guild, fears, all karmic relationships, past relationships that were never released, all lower energy entities that are feeding of of our energy field, all technologies, old spells etc.

Soul Clearing is so powerful because it heals the Body, Mind and Spirit. I call it Energy Untangling. It works on each level of the being and releases any blockages that prevent from wellness and well-being. Soul Clearing, the same as Energy Clearing and Ancestral Healing work on only here and now – but they release the past and future helping to heal the passed souls and future generations. It’s transpersonal and multidimentional.

Benefits of a Soul Clearing Program

This powerful and intensive clearing program will help in:

  • Find Harmony in Life
  • Life in accordance to your life path
  • Happiness
  • Focus
  • Deeper self-understanding
  • Lightness
  • Transformation through Acceptance and Love
  • Improved relationships
  • Higher Levels of Success
  • Faster Manifestation

How do you know that Soul Clearing Program is for you?

The best to know is to observe your daily life, your connection to yourself, to others, to work, your state of happiness and fulfilment. This is a very intense clearing program that brings energetic shifts and transformation when you are:

  • Feeling Stuck
  • Feeling that maybe someone wished you badluck
  • Feeling Blocked
  • Feeling Unhappy, Sad, Fearful, Anxious, Depressed
  • Health Problems
  • Problems with getting Organized
  • Financial Problems
  • Problems in relationships and in sexuality

What to Expect during the Soul Clearing Sessions?

Ania will speak to you about reasons for the session and the difficulties that you are experiencing in your life. She will connect with your Higher self, ask to be guided to be shown your Energy Blueprint. Ania will be intuitively guided to work within your energy blue print to see and feel any blockages, energetic cords (karmic connections) that need to be cut, healed and released. After the lower vibrational energy is transmuted, Ania will fill you up with creative, grounding and light life energy. This will reoccur everyday for 11 days. After the 11 days you will schedule 2 Integrative Coaching Sessions that are included in the Soul Clearing Program.

Why Do I need Integrative Coaching Session?

When your Energy BluePrint is untangled and energy is brushed, it feels clear, beautiful and open. During the Integrative Coaching sessions you will learn how to protect your energy field, how to clear your own energy. Coaching will reinforce new positive habits that will help you to live minfluly.

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