If you want to be HAPPY
and don't know where to start

Look Within

The secret of being happy lies in quiet and content mind. If your mind is agitated and restless- so is your life. Stressed and overworked mind wants to protect you by limiting your experiences, it plays on your fear, insecurities, shame. It often brings up old stories, traumas and blocks you from feeling free.

Become Mindful

Through observation and non-judgment, you gain information about yourself. Because of that, you can learn your reaction patterns as well as you gain wisdom that comes from connecting your body+mind+spirit.

Retreats for Women

How to Be Yourself [3-day Retreat]

Are you ready to RE-discover yourself? This 3-day retreat will give you space for finding your sacredness and self-care. Withdraw from mundane world, reconnect with your body's wisdom and hear the voice of your soul. Leave the old wounds behind, clear energetic blockages and focus your energy on your passions and strengths. Shift your Reality to match your Desires. Find your momentum


TRANspersonal journey

“There is as much magic in your life as you allow it to be”

 Transpersonal– means within and doesn’t have anything to do with religion but everything to do with human behavior and mind. Transpersonal psychology pays attention to a whole human experience, consciousness, ability to connect body, mind and spirit. It incorporates philosophy, literature, art, social theory, culture, science, spiritual traditions and ability to be and observe. William James, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow were pioneers in exploring the depth and richness of one’s life experience in connection to self and others.

Your life- is only yours. No-one can live it for you. You are here to explore and experience it. It depends on you if you are willing to live it based on the past, or rediscover your authentic voice and live your life freely, without anyone pulling you away from your core. 

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