60min session

Life Coaching is a poweful method of patnering up and working together to achieve an intentional goal. Life Coaching brings incredible and fast results because an individual is guided through the path into the transformation. Intuitive coaching works because it focuses primarly on what is now, in the present moment. Intuitive life coaching is based on the transpersonal approach, that involves body, mind and spirit. Ania uses different methods to help the individual to feel awakened, empowered and successful.

Benefits of Life Coaching:

-positive changes

-improved performance



-wellness and well-being


-tools to stay inspired and motivated


Real transformation in someone’s life can happen only, when the person is ready to take that step. There are few stages that show the state of readiness. When an individual is starting to notice a need for change, this stage can take a very long time before taking the first action step. First the conscious decision is made and a clarity about the direction one wants to take. Transition requirers ability to hold on to the new vision and the ability to let go of the things that don’t work in life anymore. It’s at that time when emotional and mental blocks are worked on and clarifed. Going through a transformation process require to have coping skills in place. They help in keeping the motivation high and help to come back to the reasons why one wants to transform.

Ania Haas holds a masters degree in psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching. She is a Board Certifed Coach that uses mindfulness and transpersonal approach in all her coaching sessions.


The Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential is a mark of
distinction for credential holders and a source of credibility
for their clients. As a BCC, I have met professional coaching
competency standards established by CCE and subject
matter experts.

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