Vital Glow Face Oil.

One face oil, targeting important aging points. Get a million dollar feel in a small bottle and feel rejuvenated by the golden drops of this essential nourishment for your skin.


One drop of Vital Glow™ in the morning hydrates, nourishes, regenerates & primes your skin, your skin feels dewy, moisturized and blends well with foundation. One drop of Vital Glow™ in the evening restores, improves skin texture, lightens hyper-pigmentation, so you wake up different … looking softer, younger and with brighter smile.

Your skin will literally drink it up while you relax, safe, knowing that this face oil is made from natural ingredients, Animal Friendly, Phylate Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free and Detergent Free.

Ready to glow lovely?

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Weight 1 oz

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