60 min.

Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT) is a powerful, based on mindfulness, container that helps an individual to look and feel the inner self, find the connection within and be present with it, let this “inner sense” to come, explore it in a kind manner and allow the energy to express itself in an art form. There are many art forms including drawing, writing, sound, body movement. They all help to move the energy out, express it and clear it out.

FOAT might be used alone or as an addition to a therapy sessions. It helps to embody the emotions and release them.

Process Emotions with Expressive Arts

There are moments in our lives that we are looking for a way to help ourselves. maybe we struggle with emotions, or some kind of old beliefs, old stories are preventing us from growing. Expressive arts connect Body & Mind, it let’s you get in touch with these emotions that are hard to handle, or that you would like to have more in life.

It’s a beautiful, filled with mindfulness process work.



Expressive Arts is a set of arts including visual arts, body movement, drama, music, sounds, writing, drawing that aid in process of self-expression. FOAT could be offered in variety of settings. Expressive arts is based on the mindful awareness, kindness and no judgment. You can simply connect the Mind to the inner felt sense (emotion, feeling) felt within the body and express it out, release it in the process. There is no need to have any experience, just keep being open, friendly and curious to what comes. This beautiful process is clarifying, empowering and connecting.

Roots of Expressive Arts come from different studies, traditions and theories. It could be very modern – yet filled with beautiful ancient practices. I like to imagine how long time ago, women and men gathered in ceremonies, creating spiritual rituals, for healing, health, abundance, manifestation. They sang, danced, drummed, drew images and celebrated life, relationships and each other. We can tap to that part within us that is connected to the deep sense of bodily knowing and bring it forward. We can let go through expressive arts, all the past things that no longer serve us through building connection between Mind and Body.

Ania Haas is a Certified FOAT Facilitator, certified through Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts Institute.  Ania uses different mediums, including drawing, sound, body movement to facilitate Expressive Arts sessions.

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