I help organizations to create healthy, resilient and happy culture in the corporate environment – the essence of high performance and quality. The organization is a living interconnected organism, where all members knowingly or unknowingly impacts each other. In group learning experience, I help leaders and team members to revisit the vision and mission statement, work on collective values, beliefs and principles of organization and find coherence. In house group trainings available. 

  • EQ 360 – assessment person’s performance in workplace from self-perspective, direct reports, leader, peers, friends and family. It’s a holistic view on individuals effectiveness. Used in Leadership Development, Individual Development, High potential identification, Team effectiveness, Success planning, Performance management, Coaching

Benefits of EQ 360:

  • Impacts business results by providing feedback to employees
  • builds effectiveness and influences organizational culture
  • great investment in Leaders, Teams, High potential individuals. 
  • Great tool for training and coaching sessions for leadership and career development

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