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Awakening into Love

Creating deep intimate connection with the Self. (For women only- sorry guys!)
While you wait for the Love to wipe you off your feet, take time to prepare yourself for
it. Create clarity of what you truly want to receive. In this workshop you will learn about
energetics of female and male energies and how to become a powerful and wise
woman. You will also learn how to listen to your intuition and connect to your inner
truth. You will discover the sacredness of the feminine self and your ancestral line.
Finally from that place of “knowing” and clarity, you will create a beautiful ritual of
invitation of abundance and Love.

The Art of Communication

The way you communicate is the key to your Success. Before you say a word, the outside world already draws conclusions about you based on the nonverbal messages you unconsciously share. Your insecurities, old stories and beliefs play a big part in your communication. Poor Communication often is a Symptom of emotional blocks. This workshop will help you to understand the basics about verbal and nonverbal communication, components of communication, release emotions that limit clarity of your communication including fear, guilt, shame, and grief. You will also explore the laws of communication and more. After the workshop you will feel empowered, assertive, able to listen with understanding, communicate clear messages that effectively impact your life. You will also discover the reason why communication impact the manifestation. This 7-week class is filled with wonderful and practical information that could be integrated in your life instantly, impacting you in positive way. 

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