Craniosacral Therapy is well known for the osteopaths, naturopaths, and massage therapists, in fact, all body workers are familiar with this technique. It’s starting to gain more popularity within last years because of the gentle and healing approach.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) was developed in the early 20’s by doctor of osteopathy William Sutherland (Tobias, 2003). Doctor Sutherland experimented with his own skull sutures, He wanted to prove the hypothesis that the sutures on the skull are not as the conventional medicine say fixed, but rather that sutures are movable and have their own movement patterns. Through that movements the joints between the sutures pump the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the brain all the way down to the sacrum and back to the brain through the spinal column. This movement of the CSF has its own rhythm and is called the “breath of life”.

History of Craniosacral Therapy

Although Doctor Sutherland explored and brought the craniosacral therapy to the western world, it was first developed and used by Ancient Egyptians. The concept of the energy flow, life force “prana” is a well-known concept used in India.

During the craniosacral therapy, a client lies on the back fully clothed. The trained craniosacral therapist places very gently hands on various bones of head, face, spine and sacrum. Craniosacral therapist tunes into the wave of the CSF to sense the blockages and where they occur. Then the therapist through various techniques decompresses the bones to impact the flush and flow of the CSF.

The body, muscles, fascia, bones, organs hold energy which create blockages in the energy flow. These blockages create distress which impact the nervous system. The therapist very gently and slowly approaches each energy holding, works with intention and holds space for the bones to unwind and let go of the holding. This therapy creates big improvements in a very gentle way. It works from inside out. Instead of pushing, the natural state is brought by gently bringing it back into the harmony.

Is Craniosacral therapy for everyone?

Craniosacral therapy could be used on everyone, often new born babies undergo craniosacral therapy treatment to help in misalignments after the birth process.

Natural healing with craniosacral therapy includes releasing body pain, headaches, TMJ as well as mental distress. This therapy works directly on nervous system. Already Sutherland wrote about the healing process induced by CST, especially balance in ligaments, posture corrections, body tone restoration and healing through coherence.

To receive the best experience look for trained craniosacral therapist. The training takes over 3 years for licensed massage therapists and other licensed bodyworkers.



Ania Haas is a certified craniosacral therapist, licensed in the state of Illinois since 2007. Owns and operates Mindful Way Studio in Mokena, Illinois.

Written by Ania Haas MS. LMT. BCC



Tobias, L. (2003). Craniosacral Therapy. Vegetarian Times315, 41–47.

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