Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well”

-Jack Kornfield

Meditation Session:

Every Friday at 7pm-8pm

Price: $10

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About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a natural ability of each person to be present. It requires the awareness and conscious choice to be able to look at and feel thoughts, emotions, and different sensations coming from the environment. All of these observations become Mindful, when are accepted without judgment. There is no need to differentiate the experience between positive, or negative, pleasant or unpleasant, right or wrong. It’s just about becoming an observant and taking time for it.

Mindfulness invites an individual to step away from what was happening in the past as well as not worrying about the future. It invites to find the safe space without any baggage to find inner clarity and focus.

Mindfulness is practiced in many places, at home, at work, at the meetings; in each moment of the day. It helps in releasing stress, anxiety. Strengthening self-awareness leads to growth of emotional intelligence, improvement in communication and building powerful relationships


Meditation is the ability of an individual to detach from the heaviness of the thoughts, by placing them aside and entering the space of higher relaxation. This space is in the present moment.

There are different types of meditation, including listening to the visual guidance, walking, observation, or simply closing the eyes and focusing on the breath. There is no better type, there is only a preference.

Meditation impacts the levels of awareness. Regular practice is proven to impact physical as well and mental well-being. It has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures around the world.

Heart & Brain Coherence

Based on expansive research created over the years in Heart Math Institute, we know that Brain and Heart impact each other through emotions, thoughts and breathing patterns. The Brain on continuous basis receives information from the Heart.

When individual is under the stress, or experiences negative emotions, their breathing and heart beat pattern changes, becomes shallow and fast, which impacts the Brain, which becomes unbalanced and starts producing stress hormones.

On the other hand the positive emotions, positive thoughts, create deeper, slower breathing, rhythmic and slower heart rate. Individual enters the state of Mindfulness, experiencing appreciation, gratitude. In that state of coherence, Brain produces hormones of happiness. Every person in the state of coherence, experiences relaxation, feels harmony and gentleness. It’s also a state when individual enters the state of Flow and start manifesting faster.

Learn more about Mindfulness

Jon Kabat -Zinn, PhD Founder and former directorof the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center

Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks about the Connection between Brain and Mind.

Shauna Shapiro’s inspiring TedTalk about Creating a Positve Change in Life

Attention in the Present moment


Although our Minds wander, there are ways to train the Minds to become quiet. Here at Mindful Way Studio we use the minfulness approach in each session. If you are interested in strenghtening your awareness, practice your attention with kindness, look for our workshops and programs. 

Call +1 708 436 4493 and speak to Ania Haas to learn more or schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Acceptance
  • Stress and Anxiety Release
  • Improved Physical Health
  • Happiness & Well-Being
  • Improved Attitude
  • Reduces Burnout

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