Healing Circle

“Healing doesn’t come through fight. It comes at the moment of surrender, through the process of acceptance and letting go”

-Ania Haas

About Healing Circle

Healing Circle is a space dedicated to the healing process. It is open to everyone needing support in own healing journey. It could be chronic and acute physical pain but also mental and emotional discomforts and other blockages that keep one stuck, frustrated, angry and sad. Even just a need to connect with others in the healing process is enough to come and take part.

During the Healing Circle gatherings we will learn about how Body and Mind is connected and how the integration between those two is fundamental in finding ease and healing.


  • The Anatomy of Healing Energy
  • Healing Techniques
  • The Art of Listening and Receiving
  • Finding Balance in each aspect of life
  • Unblocking emotions that keep us stuck
  • Building new neural pathways for healing through process work
  • Body and Mind Integration
  • Self-care
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Awakening Process
  • Inner Power and Mindset

How does Healing Circle Look like

Small group of Participants (5-8people) will gather every other week to learn, discuss and practice new knowledge. Each gathering is 90 min long. Each participant brings own enormous knowledge and power to help others through sharing own story, mental and emotional states. Collectively we support each healing journey through raising awareness, creating shifts in the mindset and setting up strong intentions for healing, regeneration and health.

Benefits of Healing Circle

There are many benefits of group work. First, in the group we feel supported, understood and invited to share from open heart, which helps to release stuck emotions and brings us back to the present moment. We start noticing that we all have specific mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that might not work to our advantage. Together, we learn to recognize and release these patterns, unblock the energy flow and create a new space for new, positive thoughts, relationships and stories. We will learn how to work with healing techniques and ways to apply them in our lives. It’s very empowering to work in the healing circle. Other benefits include: Calmness, Peacefulness, Clarity, Pain Release, Well-being, and State of Happiness.

About Facilitator

Mindfulness & MeditationAnia Haas MS. LMT. BCC is a Holistic Board Certified Coach with psychology degree and body and mind connection expertise (+15 years). Ania uses different modalities to help individuals to overcome mental states preventing from healing. She helps to build awareness and skills that awaken and empower to live a full life. Ania uses transpersonal approach with the whole-person integration including Body, Mind and Spirit. Ania is an eager meditator, mindfulness practitioner and energy healer.



Register for Healing Circle 

When: Every other Wednesday starting January 11, 2023

Time: 10am, or 3pm

Length: 90min

Investment: $25 dollars for each gathering

Where: 11225 Front Street, Unit 9, Mokena, Illinois

Register: Call, or text Ania +1 708 436 4493

Or send email: ania@mindfulwaystudio.com

How to prepare yourself

Get a journal that you will dedicate to the Healing Circle and commit into the process.

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