Introducing Ania Haas

I am a Holistic Board Certified Coach and Therapist with more than 16 years of Experience.

I help individuals and organizations to evolve and achieve higher levels of success through awakening process, clearing energy blocks and focus on conscious action. The development is not linear, energy circulates and brings to the surface what is ready to be looked at, felt and released. Big shifts are achieved by taking small steps towards the right direction.

I use transpersonal approach in my practice, including Body, Mind and Spirit. They are part of the One and influence each other at all times. We are all interconnected in the Web of Life and governed by transmutable and untransmutable laws of the Universe.

All of the tools, therapies, methods that I use have one thing in common- to help you to Come Back to your innate wisdom, release old karmic patterns, cut energies that no longer serve the purpose, transmute and heal. Letting go of the past and the future creates enormous space to be filled with the light, limitless, powerful energy that inspires, motivates to life happy and fulfilling life.

I work through opening the Heart, it is here, in the Heart, that unconditional love flows, pulses and sends the information to the rest of the body. When your Heart is open, you enter the “flow state” and everything falls into the right place. Also here in the heart you develop trust for life, acceptance, kindness and non-judgment. Gratitude becomes your virtue.

You might ask, why do I need it?

When you start living from the open heart state, you become very intuitive, creative, and magnetic. You vibrate on the higher levels, which gives health and glow. Things start coming to you naturally, no need to argue, or fight. You live in harmony.

I hold space for energy unwinding and help you to find ease and empowerment in your life. As coach I help you to integrate the light energy and use it for your success.



About Ania MS. LMT.BCC

Mindful way studio

Since I remember I was a seeker fascinated by the untouched and the unseen. I grew up in the mountains, in Poland, watching energy healers coming to our family home, using healing modalities, releasing energies and healing through touch, I was inspired. I’ve heard many times that I have a gift in my hands and that I have a purple aura.

My fascination- the unconscious mind and stored body memories made me want to explore more possibilities. My awakening process took me to the Sacred Journey Institute where I took a shamanic approach to craniosacral therapy classes.  During these classes I started to work deeply in the altered states of consciousness. I learned how to channel the energy, communicate and transmute it. Don Massat, shaman, the director of the Institute, my teacher, my friend, my late husband, guided me to become a powerful energy healer.

I wanted to take this work even higher, so I decided to learn Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with well-known Dolores Cannon. Her work helped me to guide my clients into the space of knowing. The space that I create for my clients is sacred, loving and brings up the transformation. My gift is to be present for each person that is in that altered state, I journey with you and help you, guide you in cutting the energy cords, read the symbolism, help you in finding understanding and integration of the new knowledge into your life.

6 years ago, when my mom unexpectedly passed away, as for own healing, I started to explore Expressive Arts and the power of emotional release and communication between the Body and the Mind. I started to use different forms of expression, learned and got certified in Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts with Laury Rappaport, PhD.

The last few years I committed to intensively grow spiritually with Sirberian Spiritual and Tantra teacher, Shaman, Luczis Pustota, with whom I learned about the power of the Ancestral System and my Slavic roots. I worked very deeply with my ancestral line, cleared and cut unnecessary contracts, healed the wounds and traumas. This work changed my life. Now I bring this healing to others that are ready to heal and work with Ancestors who help us and guide us in this life journey. Luczis also helped me to understand the Web of Life, tantric way of life which I share with my husband Rouven.

Lately, I had an aura reading done by gifted Jeremy James from Elevated Arts and he confirmed the energy healing is my path. He mentioned about my abilities of cutting energetic cords and weaving light energy- connecting the knowledge of the past with the future and bringing it to the present moment. Whatever was and will be I weave into the web of life, so we can remember our heritage and are able to love, honor and respect those behind us and those ahead of us. We are here to learn to honor and respect ourselves and those around us, as we all are just visitors taing a journey in the Earth plane.

All people are my teachers and as long as I breathe I will spin and weave the energy, help and guide.

I hold a Masers degree in Psychology and use transpersonal approach with spirituality in all of my sessions.

Currently I see private Clients, offer group Meditations, Healing Circles, Women Circles, Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with Sound Healing.



I love learning and expanding my mind, acquire new tools and use them to help others. I don’t think I will ever stop growing! I’ve been in the private practice since 2009 and I love it. I like to offer workshops and speak in front of small intimate groups, run gatherings and help others to grow.


2023 Sound Therapy Certification, Sound Therapist

2021 Providing Mental Health Assessments at Alternative Walk-in Crisis Center


2020 M.S Psychology with Emphasis in Life Coaching

2020 Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Assessment

2020 ARSENAL Stress Assessment2019 FOAT Expressive Arts Facilitator

2018 QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Regressive Hypnotherapy

2016 Certified NLP Life Coach and NLP Trainer

2015 Make-up & Visual Presence

2013 Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

2009 Certified Sacred Journey Therapist

2009 Certified Vibrational Healing Therapist

2009 Certified CranioSacral Therapist

2007 Certified Reiki Master

2006 Licensed Massage Therapist

2002 B.A. Business Administration/minor in International Relations

2000 B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing

My Specialized Work:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Clearing Energy Cords
  • Soul Clearing
  • Sound Healing
  • Transformation
  • Wellness & Well-being

Ania offers one on one coaching sessions, group/ team sessions which often involve Emotional Intelligence assessments. Ania also facilitates Groups for individuals who are interested in growing faster.  You can schedule coaching in person as well as online. Ania offers workshops and trainings

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“I see Ania for Hypnotherapy sessions. It changed me as a leader, entrepreneur and it added value to my business. Thank you Ania”

Mike Egan, Doctor of Dentistry

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