I am eternal soul in this endless Universe that found a path. First I realized that I’ve always been on this path but many of my fears were constricting the flow, blinding and keeping me stuck. In the process of awakening I let go of my fears, my limiting beliefs, needing to be certain way to please others, put masks or pretend. I slowly allowed myself to discover and to be who I am, living authentically and passionately, express myself and be fully present.an eternal

Who am I?

I’ve always internalized the world around me, was deeply fascinated by people, objects, nature; I observed behaviors, choices & energies of others.

I see beauty in everyone, I bring up in others things that they somehow forgot, or stopped paying attention to, subtle energies that sit dormant and wait to be brushed off, awakened. People say that they feel good being around me, feeling my calming, patient and peaceful nature. I am a compassionate listener, it is quite easy to open up and let go when you are in my presence. 

I don’t judge, I meet others where they are, I tune into their life, I can perceive, feel and sense the world through their eyes and help them in the best way to recognize what limits them, or triggers them in order to be understood and released.

My senses are very heightened, I feel intensely from inside, I’m moved by beauty of this world and it makes me smile, cry, or ache. I use all of my senses and emphatic abilities as tools in helping others, I channel this energy into my sessions and art. I enjoy life. I cherish myself, feeling the sacred feminine flow within, I cherish others with the highest respect to their being. 

I am soft-spoken, gentle and caring with strong and fierce heart. 

I channel energy that clears blockages, I enjoy the waves of energy passing through my body, my hands and filling others with its vibration. It feels like sitting on the boat and being gently rocked by blue waters. 

I don’t watch news, I don’t listen to the radio, I consciously decide what I am allowing into my space. I choose music, books, studies, light energies, wonderful people, my clients, nature to inspire me. 

I lived through many difficult situations. Although so hard, I used each and everyone of them for self development. I grieved deeply, very deeply, I pushed myself hard to just take one day at the time. I learnt unconditional acceptance and why is it important to live fully present, and how to do it.    

I’m intuitive with a strong sense of “knowing” and solid ground.

I’m a shapeshifter

I live in gratitude. I meditate, I create. I inspire others.

What do I believe in?

I believe that everyone has a right to be fully happy and if he is not, he can find way to change that. 

I believe that conscious awareness and self perception is crucial in becoming mindful and awakened.

I believe that there is no magic wand that can create immediate change and if someone promises that, I suggest to run away from that person. I believe that every change is challenging but also very rewarding. Every change takes time and although the shift happens quickly, the adjustment to that shift, to that new reality takes time and effort. 

I believe that when one decides to truly shift, as soon as he senses and “feels” of the new dimension, there is no truly going back to the old. The only reason to go back is when he wants to escape, going back to what is familiar but it is only momentary, when the time is right he jumps right back into it, already recognizing how good it feels in this new reality without the limits of the old. When one door closes new one opens. 

I believe that we are creators of our reality. We don’t have control over many situations that happen in our life but we have a full control over our reactions to these occurrences. I believe that as creators we must fully engage into what we create. Our past created the way we are at this moment – but moment to moment we can change that. If we are not enjoying who we became, what we have, the only way to change that is through us. No one outside of us will create it for us, the same as no one can live our lives for us. Only we can do it. In this life – we are it. You and I are in charge. 

I believe in the law of the consequence. Here on Earth we can’t escape it. With each of our choices there is a consequence awaiting for us. We can try to hide, bend it – but it will find its way to find us. We can’t escape our own Mind. 

I believe that through self exploration we get closer to understanding our own Minds and its ways to lead us protect us 

I believe that everyone can realize the self… Be Here and Now


Who do I work with?

I work with everyone ready for a change, willing to go inside, discover self, invest time and effort in order to see and feel the results.